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Karen Hall

Content Writer

I’m Karen Hall, a seasoned SEO content writer with a knack for weaving compelling narratives that naturally climb search rankings. As the co-owner of Funnel Cloud Digital, I’ve honed my skills in optimizing content to captivate both audiences and search engines. Keeping a keen eye on industry trends and understanding my readers’ needs, I’ve transformed numerous digital platforms into authoritative hubs. For me, content writing is more than just storytelling—it’s about ensuring every word resonates and drives results.

Background Info

A fence contractor based in Dallas, TX, aimed to cater to homeowners and businesses in the region. While the website had existing content, it required optimization to enhance its appeal to search engines and users.

Industry: Fence Contracting

Location: Dallas, TX

Target audience: Homeowners and businesses in Dallas

Previous SEO efforts: Existing content that needed optimization

Project Goals

The project was designed to solidify the fence contractor’s online presence in the Dallas, TX, region. The goals were clear-cut and centered around the fence industry:

Elevate Brand Presence: Position the fence contractor as a leading authority in the Dallas region for all fencing needs.

Increase Organic Traffic: Drive more homeowners and businesses to the site when they search for fence installations, repairs, and related services.

Engage and Educate Visitors: Provide informative content on various fencing topics, from repair tips to the benefits of different fence types, ensuring visitors find value and answers to their queries.

Optimize Existing Content: Enhance and update pre-existing content to reflect the latest fencing trends, materials, and best practices, ensuring it remains relevant and search engine-friendly.

Our strategy

The strategy centered on enhancing online visibility through targeted keywords, on-page SEO optimizations, and creating content that addresses the target audience’s needs.

Keyword Research: Focused on location-specific terms (such as “Dallas fence repair” or “gate installation Dallas”) and service-related queries (i.e., “driveway gates” or “how to child-proof your fence”).

On-page SEO Tactics: Optimized meta descriptions, alt text, and header tags.

Content Produced: Blog posts on various fence-related topics curated for best search engine performance.


During the project, Karen played a pivotal role in content creation and optimization, collaborating with the client to ensure the content aligned with their services and resonated with the target audience.

Frequency: Adopted a consistent schedule for content updates and additions, ensuring the website remained fresh and relevant. This approach catered to search engines and regularly provided returning visitors with new and valuable information.

Challenges: One of the primary challenges faced was adapting the pre-existing content to be SEO-friendly. The original content, while informative, needed to be optimized for search engines. Tweaking it without losing its original essence and ensuring it met the latest SEO standards was meticulous.

Collaboration: Throughout the project, close collaboration with the client was paramount. Regular meetings and feedback sessions ensured the content aligned with the client’s vision and services and resonated with the target audience’s needs and preferences.


Traffic Growth: Impressions increased from 8,551 in July 2022 to 87,734 in September 2023, marking a growth of 925%.

Clicks and Engagement: Clicks grew from 13 in July 2022 to 544 in September 2023, showcasing a growth of 4092%.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): The CTR improved from 0.15% in July 2022 to 0.62% in September 2023, indicating a 313% increase.

YTD 2023


Increase in website traffic


Increase in Click Through Rate


Increase in Impressions

Trend for 36 Pages of SEO Content

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TSF SEO Case Study Impressions per month
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Tools Used To Accomplish This Project:

Surfer SEO, AHREFS, Google Business Listings, ChatGPT, SEM Rush, Basecamp, Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Google Analytics

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